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First few days using the treadmill desk workstation

My first words of wisdom on using your new treadmill desk would be this,
do not walk six miles your first day.
I did that and my legs hurt the next day, my knees hurt and I was walking like an old lady (not there is anything wrong with that).

Since I usually go full speed ahead with anything I attempt, this is not a surprise.
It felt so great to be moving and working and I was going so slow I really thought
it was hardly having any effect on my body.
I sat and worked on my other computer the day after.
Then yesterday I just stood and worked instead of moving.
This is working out well since one of the things I had looked into was a standing workstation.
I find it quite nice to stand while I am working.
I am just so sick of sitting all day.

So just a heads up for you, start off slower then I did!


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