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Ideas for getting started with your treadmill desk walker.

First you have to have a treadmill that you can turn into a desk.
You can see my method here.

Or check out other peoples design and creative ideas here
and here.

These have been around since 2005/06 from what I have researched and companies are bringing these treadmill desk stations in to create an area where employees can go and use them, rather then actually working on them all day. (see one story here)
I have found this to be the case myself.
The first week I used it 6 hours and then 5 and it decreased as I was sore and also missed sitting for some work.
Now I use it about 2 hours a day and have lost 4 pounds in 3 months. (With no dietary changes)
So the slow weight loss idea is real.
I also use it as a standing desk during the day and I enjoy that since if you are like me and in the chair most of the time, it feels good to stand up and stretch.
Where does one place this big machine with a computer on it?

Mine is in the unused dining/living room section of my home, a well known design feature of the 1970-80 track homes across the country.
This area was turned into our families computer "hub" years ago.
I have written about this on other websites.
I have 3 kids and we all sit in there working at the same time.
The kids will stop and share things with me and show me things and it has become a wonderful family time together.
They usually wear headphones, since they are all doing different activities like homework and listening to music or playing a video game.

I speak at schools on internet safety and I reccommend that you always keep your childs computer in a very public area of your home, so you can see what is going on at any given moment.
A little tip for parent with crazed myspace users, pos or pob means "parent over shoulder, or "parent over back". This is a good thing.
A great resource for internet slang can be found here at the Internet Slang Dictionary.


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