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Working while walking on my treadmill desk progress report

I have had this treadmill desk for a few months now and I have not used it as much as I planned.
But wait, I have a good excuse. I have sciatica. I had to stop running and speed walking with my friends
because it was kicking up something bad.
I get a steroid shot about once every two years and oddly enough that seems to contain it. I am way over due for another shot so maybe that is part of the problem.

After I walk about an hour my hip area hurts. If you read about my first day, I overdid it by walking fast and doing 6 miles! Bad idea. It just felt so good to be moving while working.
I still stand and work at least a few times a day and I love that. I hate sitting in my chair all day.
Sometimes when I stand up, I am so stiff it shocks me.
Those of you who work all day on the computer know what I am talking about.
I think when you are so focused you don’t realize your are sitting so still.
(other then our hands flying across the keyboard) Which is pretty funny to me, since I flunked typing in school 3 times! I am pretty darn good now.

Now that is a giveaway to my age. I am in my 40’s and we did not have computers when I was in Jr. High and High School. Well I think they started a class when I was still in HS, but it was a new thing for sure.
More of the nerd type computer science stuff.  My friends lived on the same block as Steve Jobs when he
were inventing  computers in garage.

Anyway here we all are now, all of us have them and everyone uses them. Pretty amazing.
I am still walking on the treadmill but under 1 mile an hour. Maybe I should stretch out first.
I like to walk backward while talking to people, like my kids, it feels great to use different muscles.

Try it and tell me what you like about using your treadmill workstation!


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