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I have an ulcer? No maybe just gas.. Holidays and food problems.

I had my first ulcer attack today. I had the worst pain in my upper abdomen area all day. It felt like gas pain on steroids. I was really getting worried and then I started doing a little self diagnosis online. I have had bad heartburn for over 20 years now, (since my kids were born, lol) but it really did start with pregnancy.

I knew taking antacid pills for that long was not a good idea. You ruin the body natural balance of acids.
The the last 3 weeks have been a gluttony of food, cakes, coffee, candy, fatty foods, chocolate, and stress.
( I have birthdays and family and business stuff all crammed into a 3-4 week period that always kills me this time of year) . But I really blame the final straw being a big glass of Odwalla Mango Tango.
I never drink juices, ( due to the heartburn effect) but my daughter started bringing this home from college and I swear that stuff is like candy or a dessert. So amazingly good! But so “citrus”. Anyway, I have been in agony all day and I have all the symptoms of a duodenal ulcer. Egads.

I will go and see the doctor and confirm this. In the meantime I read a fascinating idea for a treatment that they have used with success in foreign prisons. Cold water. Yes that is correct, they found a glass of cold water alleviated the pain within 30 min and also helped heal the ulcers. I am so gonna try that!
Update- Good news , it seems to have gone away. I wonder what that was, it lasted for two days and was horrible sharp pain about 3 inches up from the belly button area. Anyone have that? Is it trapped gas or something. It just seems like 48 hours is a long time to have it. I had no other symptoms other then very sharp stabbing pains.

Jolly food that gives ulcers

Jolly food that gives ulcers


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