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Treadmill-Workstation How to turn your treadmill into a desk, really cheap.

How to turn your treadmill into a desk, really cheap.


Build your own treadmill desk or workstation directions

Do it yourself treadmill workstation desk

Do it yourself treadmill workstation desk

This weekend I was watching T.V and I saw a news segment on this treadmill desk, workstation idea.
I have been working online since 1999, so my butt has being doing the slow spread of the desk bound.
I also have been gaining an average of about 1.6 pounds a year! (thank you fitday for helping me keep track of that.)

Of course you all know as we age, our metabolism slows down. I have found that to be very true.
I am not a huge eater and when I try to diet-no matter what the diet is, I suddenly must have- carbs, veggies, cake, candy, bread, cheese, you know whatever I am not suppose to be eating, I need and crave desperately.

I found dieting over the years has actually caused me to gain weight!

So when I saw this idea, I loved it.
I immediately got onto the web and started to check out “treadmill workstations, treadmill desks, treadmill at work” etc..
Well I found that guys treadmill desk and OMG, it cost’s $1,600!

Heck no, I think not.
I mean really, especially after I saw some of the homemade ones online.

I knew I could DIY (do it yourself) on this one. I could create or build my own treadmill desk.
I started wandering around my house eyeballing anything that might work.
Boards outside, old pictures from walls stored in closets, foam board, and bed trays.
I have always been very frugal, so I tend to keep things around a bit before I get rid of them.

Most of them were not wide enough. I needed something at least 35 inches across.
In the backyard, ready to take to the thrift store, I had this little student desk that no one
seemed to want to use in my house anymore. I think we bought it at Target or Walmart for around
$100.00. ( and only a few years ago, such waste!)
It looked perfect. I unscrewed the top and laid in on top of my treadmill. Then I used a few bungee cords to secure it.
It works like a dream. Slightly slanted and nothing is falling or tipping over at all. I have tons of room and
today was my first day using it and I walked 6 miles without even thinking about it.
I felt so energized and better at the end of the day.
I found talking on the phone no problem at all.
I actually had to kick up the speed a little to 1.3 miles an hour since the orginal .5-1 felt too slow as I grew used to it.
I know I am going to stick with this.
I was a waitress for 12 years and on my feet all the time and then after that the only exercise I have ever stuck to in my life was running, ( 2 miles a day, no more!) then I got shin splints and couldn’t run anymore.
I tried power walking for a year and had sciatica kick in and still have issues with that on and off.
Then I tried just walking a mile a day with my dog, and was bored out of my mind.
Plus I live on some very steep hills so it really isn’t very fun.

This treadmill work station is perfect for me.
I was already thinking of trying one of the stand up desks, since I am sick of sitting all the time.
This is for me! I fully expect to lose that nasty 15 pounds I have gained the last 10 years.

I got out my arm weights and did a few reps while reading the news online.
I was thinking-gosh you could design a whole exercise program for using the treadmill while you work. I tried walking backward for about 10 minutes and that felt good and used different muscles. I even tried sideways walking. Of course you cannot work while doing that.

Anyway I decided starting this website and blog would be a fun change of pace, since I do that for a living (

I would love to hear from anyone else trying this out or anyone who has their own ideas and cheap or frugal ways to build your own treadmill workstation.
Send me your stories and photos and I will post them online, ( with links back to your site if you want)
I will also be keeping track of my fitness and weight loss and sharing it online here with you.


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